Monday Flash Fics: July 11th 2016

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This is my first attempt at a flash fic. It needed to be 500 words of less Mine is 496 words.


Lieutenant Ricky Fernandez, Army Special Forces, paced back and forth, polishing the wood panels of his backyard porch. He was nervous. He’d suddenly received word early this morning that his unit was being deployed.

The called hadn’t woken, his partner, the love of his life, thank goodness, and Ricky had kissed Michael on the cheek before he’d gone to an early exercise. Afterward, he’d gotten more information. The mission would be an extraction, someone from a small country in Africa, involving only a handful of his mates. He’d be leaving tonight. It was going to be hella dangerous.

Now, he had to tell Michael. In a way, this was the worst part of any assignment—saying goodbye to the man he loved.  He hated seeing Michael’s stoic features, trying to be strong. No that was unfair. Michael was strong. Ricky knew Michael tried very hard not to show his emotions because he didn’t want them to affect his lover. Ricky could relate to that. He hated seeing Michael so strong. Sometimes he wanted Michael to break down and cry so Ricky could comfort him—and maybe have an excuse to do the same. To cry while Michael’s strong arms surrounded him. Michael was the only person  with whom Ricky had ever even thought of being that honest and vulnerable. He’d never actually done it, though.

Ricky stopped his pacing when he heard Michael open the patio doors. His lover looked amazing—light blue tee and casual pants and that cute baseball cap. He carried two cups of coffee, one in each hand. Ricky reached out to grab his favorite cup, but it was yanked away and cradled  near his lover’s chest. Michael’s expression was stoic.  “You’re leaving again. I can tell. When?”

“How do you always know?”

“Because I know you. When?”

“Tonight. Listen—“

“No, Ricky. We’re not going through this again. Every time you’re deployed, you want to give me the maybe-you’re-better-off-without-me speech. I won’t listen to it. I love you. I’ll wait for you. I’ll be the someone you’ll fight to come home to. I want to be that for you. I want you.”

Ricky sighed and plumped down on one of the new wooden benches. Michael chuckled and strolled forward, simultaneously thrusting a mug into Ricky’s hand and sitting down beside his lover.

Ricky smiled, feeling the heat of Michael’s body. “Michael, will you marry me?”

Michael leaned in and caught Ricky’s lips with his own. The kiss was prolonged and passionate, yet far too quick, as Michael leaned back with a smile. “I’ve already said yes… twice.”

“I know, but… will you?”

“Yes. In three months, like we planned.”

Michael stood and reached for Ricky’s free hand, pulling him to his feet. “Now, fiancée-o-mine. I want you to remember every inch of my body so you have something to remind yourself to come back to me. Are you coming?”

Ricky laughed, nodded, and pushed Michael gently toward the patio doors. “Yes.”


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