Monday Flash Fic for September 19, 2016

Here’s the Flash Fic for Monday, September 19, 2016. The pic was posted on September 12, 2016. Word count is 479. To see the pic that inspired this story visit:

And now here’s the Story:


I can’t believe this is happening to me. This is so surreal. My dad was supposed to be gone for hours, to play poker with his long-time friends. He came home early. I guess he forgot something, and he just wanted to say goodbye to me again.

I’d made myself comfortable. I guess a little too comfortable because I stripped to my underwear. I went on my computer in my room and started to browse the net looking for pics with which I could relax a bit. I thought I was safe because my dad would be away.

He doesn’t yell. He calmly tells me how disappointed, how disgusted he is of me. He grasps me by the arm and pulls me off my chair. I’m too stunned to talk, to explain. He drags me to the front door of our apartment and pushes me out. He closes the door. “Goodbye, Jack. Don’t come back. You don’t exist to me anymore.”

I turn as the door is slammed shut. I want to pound on it, but I don’t. There’s no use. Dad’s made up his mind and there’s no changing it. At least, not for a while.

It hits me hard. I’m in a corridor with only my boxers on. I can’t go anywhere or I’ll probably get arrested for indecent exposure or something. I have no alternative but to knock on the door and beg my father to at least let me get a pair of pants.

As I stare at the door still bewildered and undecided, I hear a rustling next to me. Tommy, my hunky next-door neighbour is coming home, from work I guess.  He stops and stares at me. I try to look like my whole world hasn’t fallen apart.

“Are you okay, Jack? Did you lock yourself out of your apartment?”

I’m so embarrassed right now. I feel the tears streaming down my face. I look away and my knees buckle from underneath me.

I feel strong arms envelop me. “Jack? What happened?”

I lean into him and sob. I can’t stop. I feel Tommy shift and his legs wrap around me as he hugs me close. “You came out to your dad. He didn’t take it well.”

I shake my head and take deep inhaling breaths. When I finally calm down enough, I look into dazzling eyes. “Not exactly. He caught me viewing porn. He kicked me out.”

Tommy chuckles and clears his throat as I shoot him a frown. “Sorry. You don’t do things by half, do you?”

He pulls me in close and I rest my head on his chest. “You’re dad’s an idiot. You’ll stay with me. We’ll sort this out. We should get inside before someone calls the cops or your dad decides to leave.”

I smile. “Can we stay like this for just a little while longer?’

“Whatever you need, Jack. I’ll be here.”

I sigh.



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