Rainbow Snippets for October 22, 2016

There’s an interesting site called Rainbow Snippets on FaceBook. It can be found here:


or #rainbowsnippets on twitter

Every Saturday/Sunday, authors or readers are encouraged to write six sentences of a published work, work-in-progress, or book recommendation.

I’ve chosen to feature a snippet from my alter ego, Ned Ericsson’s novella Jeremy’s Story:


The more Arnold talked about it, the more uncomfortable Jeremy became.
Jeffrey raised an eyebrow. He whispered to Arnold, trying—and failing—to not let Jeremy hear, “Look. Maybe Jeremy is hemophobic and maybe you should just back off.

Arnold guffawed deep in his throat. He replied in a very controlled and well-directed snickered whisper, “Don’t you mean ‘homophobic’?”

Jeremy wasn’t sure what was said after that, but he could tell Jeffrey wasn’t too pleased. He’d punched Arnold in the arm again, much harder than before. “Hemophobia is the fear of blood, you ass.”

Hope you enjoyed it.


9 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets for October 22, 2016

  1. AM

    LOL, at the vampire comments. I caught the red ribbon on the cover and figured it wasn’t a paranormal.

    This looks like a good read. Is there a link?



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