Rainbow Snippets for November 5, 2016

Doing another rainbow Snippet for November 5, 2016. The site can be viewed here:


or #rainbowsnippets on twitter

Every Saturday/Sunday, authors or readers are encouraged to write six sentences of a published work, work-in-progress (WIP), or book recommendation.

This week I’ve chosen six lines from a WIP for a Ned Ericsson Fantasy novel tentatively titled Mages of Haleron. It’s only been self-edited so far. I apologize for any errors.  I’ve chosen lines to introduce one of the main characters. Other snippets  of this WIP will be more action-based, in the future, I’m sure:

Ned Logo

“We should just force a melding on him!” he had heard Edias exclaim one evening.

“Really dear, you know that is unwise, unethical and not the thing to do to poor Ronnie”, was The Master-mages meld-mate’s reply. “Sooner or later his magic will find itself a mate.”

That wouldn’t be soon enough for Ronnie. At seventeen, Haleron society considered him to be getting on in age, when it came to the ascension and melding. Moreover, he was expected to be the Alpha in the meld. His powers were deep enough and his control strong enough to combine and control his energies and that of his meld-mate.



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