Monday Flash Fic for November 14, 2016

Another Flash Fic Monday!  The pic was posted on November 8, 2016. Word count is 494. I enjoyed the pic for this week.

To see it, visit:

And now here’s the Story:


Sam thumps his fingers on the diner’s table. He’s anxious. He hasn’t seen Arty in over three years. The last time was when Sam left. He didn’t have much of a choice. Sam and Arty had shared a prison cell and Sam’s time was up. He’d gotten early parole for good behavior. It also helped his cause he was convicted of manslaughter because he was trying to defend a rape victim. Only,  he accidentally killed her attacker. Extenuating circumstances.

Arty got out of prison a few months afterward. He’d been convicted of offenses related to his  biker gang affiliation. Not associating with any known members of a gang or any convicted felons had been a condition of Arty’s release. Sam found this out when he’d shown up here, waited, and only a messengered letter from a lawyer had arrived— no Arty, no possibility of a meeting for three whole years, and no contact from anyone since.

Sam isn’t even sure if Arty will even show. They made a pact that, at release, they’d meet at a diner near a motel near the prison. Sam hadn’t been back to Kingston in three years. It brought back too many memories—mostly an aching to see Arty again.

Arty was Sam’s one and only cellmate. Arty had protected Sam and had gently asked Sam for certain favors. He was big and burly and most definitely Sam’s type, so it didn’t much persuasion for Sam to oblige in granting Arty’s request for release. These “release parties,” soon turned into more, as Arty and Sam got to know each other better. Time stood still in prison. There was plenty of it to talk about things. Sam found out he actually had many things in common—a sense of justice among them.

Looking at the clock on a far wall, Sam sighs. It’s now after seven. He’s been squirming in his seat for two hours now, waiting. He taps at the cup of coffee and apple fritter he’s been nursing for an hour now. He sighs. Who’s he kidding? Arty was a no-show. Three years is a long time to wait. Many things can happen, including figuring out that feelings brought on by close confinement for five years with someone aren’t real, or at least not sustainable. Arty’s a good-looking guy. He could have any man or woman he wanted. Maybe he’s found someone. Maybe he`s happy. Maybe he`s forgotten about Sam altogether. Maybe he just doesn`t want to bother.

Suddenly Sam hears the distinctive ding of the bell annoying an open door. Arny stands straight and tall. As his eyes meet Sam’s, they light up and a large grin forms on his rugged face. He marches right up to Sam who holds out a hand in greeting.

“What are you doing? After all this time, I want to feel your lips. Please?

Sam smiles as Arty leans in for a kiss. It’s going to be a great night.


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