Rainbow Snippets for October 19, 2016

Hey Snippeteers! It’s time for another Rainbow Snippet. You can find other great snippets here:


or #rainbowsnippets on twitter

Every Saturday/Sunday, authors or readers are encouraged to write six sentences of a published work, work-in-progress, or book recommendation.

Today I’ve chosen to feature another snippet from my alter ego, Ned Ericsson’s novella Jeremy’s Story. It’s a bit darker than the first one, but don’t worry. The story doesn’t stay that way:


Jeremy’s voice became progressively angrier; although, he was conscious enough of his
environment to keep to a coarse whisper. “Not that this is any of your business, sir, but I’m
not completely sure what my sexual preferences are. I haven’t figured it out yet.”

Not for certain. My experiences have complicated matters.
“And frankly, whether I am gay or not is none of your business. I have no intentions of
screwing everything and everyone that moves.”


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