Rainbow Snippets for December 10, 2016

Hey there Snippeteers! This week I’m going to feature an Eddy LeFey work-in-progress (WIP) from the story tentatively titled What Love is (title might change). In this snippet, Chris talks to Daniel`s friend Jack… about Daniel.

. “Kevin and I have changed. I hope you see that. We won’t make the same mistakes with Daniel we did with you. He may end up just being a friend—Kevin, and I, would obviously like more, but are prepared for that eventuality. We’ll prepare Daniel for it too. His situation is unique. He’s an employee of the company I co-own, responsible to my brother… who feels Daniel deserves better opportunities, some happiness. I want to help provide that. Can you understand that?”

If you like this and are interested in more snippets from other great others, please visit here:




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