Rainbow Snippets for December 18, 2016


Hey Snippeteers, this week I’m showcasing my alter ego, YA author  Ned Ericsson’s novella Jeremy’s Story.  The snippet comes after Jeremy decides it’s time to come out to his parents, since his run-in with his ice-principal has forced him to take stock of his feelings towards Jeffrey. It’s slightly more than six sentences, but that can’t be helped:

When is the right time to tell them I’m gay? I’ve only just now admitted it to myself. I
know it’s fast, and I should wait, but I need to tell them the truth, even though I may not be completely comfortable. I might never be. Okay. I tell them.
“The problem is, Julia, Dad, that Mr. Karson is right to be worried. I like Jeffrey. He’s
really cute… and I’m pretty sure Jeffrey likes me.”
Jeremy waited for any reaction from Julia or his dad. They remained neutral.
I guess I need to say it.
“I’m gay.”




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