Rainbow Snippet for December 24, 2016

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Hello fellow snippeteers. Today, I`m going to feature a snippet from my tentatively titled novel Mages of Haleron by my YA persona Ned Ericsson. Previously, I featured one main character. This week,

I thought I`d feature the other: Larien.

I seem to be missing some snippets, so I might already have done this one. If so, I apologize. It`s slightly more than six sentences, but I decided to show the entire paragraph. Also, this is unedited, so there might be a few issues. Hope you enjoy.

Ned Logo

Not far away, in another part of the city, a lone and frightened figure was running. He couldn’t remember not having to run. He did not know why. All he knew was there were those who were trying to find him and use him for an evil purpose. He had come a long way, through several kingdoms, across several large bodies of water, through a few deserts. Larien wished he knew why there were people who wanted to catch him. All he knew was, ever since that day when four masked figures appeared at his family’s estate, he had been on the run. He would never forget that day.


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