Rainbow Snippets for December 31, 2016

Hey there Snippeteers! Last one of 2016/first one of 2017.

Today’s snippet is from Eddy LeFey’s work-in-progress tentatively titled What Love is:


I start to gyrate my body in such a way that invites him to come closer. He does…all smiles. He knows what I’m doing. I grab the back of his neck, leaving quite a bit of space between our bodies—very pre-pubescent-school-dance of me—and begin manipulations, controlling the rhythm. Kevin is behind me, leaving almost the same amount of space between him and me—his arms encircling my neck. It’s still quite intimate. I loosen my hold on Chris, and he steps forward. Kevin does the same. Eventually, we’re dancing in very close proximity, as a unit. Chris and Kevin are kissing—one of their more passionate kisses—over my neck. I feel their breaths. It’s exhilarating.


If you liked this there are more (from me is previous weeks and some great ones from other authors. You can find them at:




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