Rainbow Snippet for February 11, 2017

Well, another week and another snippet! This week I thought I’d introduce another character in Ned Ericsson’s Mages of Haleron, one of his works-in-progress: The character is Roniie’s mother, and through her description we get to know a bit about what makes Ronnie who he is:

Ronnie’s mother Lady-Mage Krista-Helena of Kaleros was now Mother to the Mage-Queen of Haleron, Meld-partner to the late Mage-Master Jarro of Kaleros and a Senior Secular Mage in her own right. She was one of the very few Melded Mages ever to have survived the death of her Meld-partner. She was said to be one of the more formidable personalities in the Kingdom. No one knew that better than Ronnie did. She was very disappointed that someone who could be considered one of the more powerful Mages ever—or would be if he ever melded with anyone—would have the audacity not to be able to meld with anyone, yet. It was an embarrassment, an abomination, a treasonous rebellion to the honor and history of one of the most influential and Powerful Mage families in history.

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