Review of Hearts Over Blood by Odin Nightshade


Wyatt Kent would give anything to leave the small, podunk town of Spruce Falls. But after a horrific car crash leaves his older brother Shane without his legs, Wyatt can’t bring himself to make the escape, seemingly destined to watch his brother’s emotional health deteriorate day after day, while letting his own dreams of a bright future slowly slip from his reach. And the reappearance of Shane’s gorgeous former best friend Knox Porter doesn’t help.

Knox had been with Shane the night of the accident, and while both young men had dreamed of entering the national rodeo circuit, it was Knox who had escaped unharmed and went on to become a national star. Shane’s resentment toward Knox since the accident is fierce, and while Wyatt is his brother’s staunchest advocate, the passionate kiss he shared with Knox before he joined the circuit has him wondering if he can stay away from the sexy bull rider now that he’s returned.

Wyatt’s attempts at mending the pair’s friendship prove disastrous, and when he finally learns the truth about the night of the accident, Wyatt is forced to make an impossible decision that may end up placing his brother’s very life on the line.

The situation is dire, and Wyatt’s in it up to his elbows. He only hopes he can repair the damage before he breaks his brother’s heart, or loses his own.

Hearts Over Blood is another red-hot instalment in the First Time Bareback Cowboys series, which can be read and enjoyed in any order.

My Review

4.25 Stars

I was excited to review this. As happens to me frequently, I was given an advanced copy of Hearts Over Blood by the author in order to write an honest review.

The story is complex, emotional and sexy. It deals with heavy subjects, among which are attempted suicide and depression, with compassion and thorough thoughtfulness. People who’ve had to deal with these issues first hand might be triggered, but I believe the author handles the scenes responsibly and with care. The situation and the outcome are realistic and not overdramatized or overdone. These scenes are not overly graphic and I believe that was a good choice on the author’s part.

The sexual story arc is interesting, although it’s later implied that the two main characters had been having anal intercourse for some time, the author chose to start with a kissing scene, later a petting and oral sex scene, and much later an anal sex scene. The scenes were erotic in nature but progressively  increased in intensity, creating a nice sense of anticipation, until the final climax, so to speak.

It should be noted that the characters did use a condom, whatever the series name implies. Something of which I’m glad. I dislike the bareback trope of the characters discussing the use of condoms, even  though sometimes they’ve only known each other a few hours, explain that one is a virgin and the other was tested, and without proof, decide a condom isn’t needed. It’s irresponsible and the author avoided the use of that trope, thank goodness.

The character development of the romantic leads and that of the best friend/brother was thorough, interesting and emotionally satisfying. The author cared enough for each of these characters to allow each one to grow and to allow the reader to explore them all. Shane’s character, although not romantic in nature was important, because it helped define his brother Wyatt’s personality as well as his best friend Knox. What Shane goes through and how he deals with the pain of it, determines how Shane and Knox see themselves and their relationship.

There was just the right amount of angst and emotion, and the resolution was believable and creatively woven into the story.   

This being an erotic story, it’s meant for an over eighteen audience. That would be appropriate.

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About Author

Odin Nightshade is on a mission—a mission to make you moan, groan and cry out for mercy. Join Odin and his crew of sexy characters on a journey of love, lust and intense exploration of your wild and sensual sides. Imagination knows no bounds, and nor should your fantasies…



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