Monday Flash Fic-March 6, 2017


Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

Time for another Monday Flash Fic. The concept is simple. Write a story of 500 words (approx.) based on a picture, a different one is provided every week.

This week, the story is based on the above picture and is 521 words. I usually try to trim it down to below 500 but this, to me, is close enough. It’s short and relies on readers to have a fantastical imagination, but I like it anyway:


I wake up with a start. My nose twitches, as if there’s something on it. I swat at it, and the sensation goes away, but returns within seconds. I open my eyes and focus. I see a blurred blackness. Scared, I swat it away. A butterfly rises into better focus, it’s Orange and black wings fluttering badly as it tries to settles, once again, on my nose.

I quickly raise an arm, pointing a finger in the air. The butterfly drifts down and land on my finger. I stare at it before my eyes drift down to my chest which is covered by Monarchs of various sizes. I lift my head to witness many more. My body, which is lying on the cold ground, seems covered with them.

I try to think where I am and what I’m doing here, but am instantly distracted by the loud noise of a motor roaring and a rapid swishing sound. The butterflies scatter, flying upward. And that is when I realize all I’m wearing is underwear. I push myself up to a standing position and try to get my bearings.

I can hardly see anything. It looks like I’m in a field of some sort of tall grass. The roar seems to be getting closer. I panic and shout out. The roar gets louder, closer. I try to run  but stumble on the lumpy ground and am impeded by the long stalks of grass cutting at my skin. The roar gets even louder.

Not knowing what else to do, I stop and look up. Orange light hits my eyes as it bounces from the clouds up ahead. I see butterflies floating in the air. Some are flapping their wings frantically. I have no idea how much time I have left. The roar has subsided and all I can hear is the whipping sound coming ever nearer.

I don’t have much time left. In desperation, I throw my arms up in the air and shout. “Help me, please.” I hear a far-away voice respond. I shudder. I don’t know how, because I can’t distinguish words over of the roar and the whipping sound, but I know whatever was said wouldn’t be good for me. Tears start to stream down my face.

Suddenly, I feel a butterfly on the tip of a finger, then one on my wrist, and then more float down. Soon, as it was when I woke a few moments ago, I’m covered by them. My skin feels weird covered with these magnificent insects, like a pressure is building inside me, as if my skin were expanding.

I feel myself being lifted. My feet leave the ground. I float upwards. Suddenly something grabs my heal. I look down to see an angry-looking scruffy older man scowling up at me trying to pull me back down. I kick and his grip releases as he shouts in pain.

I continue to float upwards and towards the sun. I hear the angry man shout, “Damn it. The kid is getting away. “

I smile, as I continue to float. I’m finally free. The butterflies saved me.



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