Review of Unexpected Threeway by Odin Nightshade


A red-hot summer, quite unlike those they shared as children.

Kyle Brenner has a secret.

And no matter how hard he’s tried to deny it, those mixed-up feelings he’s had since high school for his best friend Jackson just won’t go away—even after a concerted effort to date as many pretty girls as possible while away at college.

But Kyle’s not the only one in Spruce Falls with a secret. And once he’s back on the ranch for summer break with Jackson and the third member of their trio Paul—who suddenly looks hotter than ever—the secrets each one has been hiding get harder and harder to keep under wraps.

With Kyle’s situation feeling more complicated by the second, only one thing’s for sure: this summer won’t be like the ones they shared as children.

Unexpected Threeway is another red-hot instalment in the First Time Bareback Cowboys series, which can be read and enjoyed in any order.

My Review

4 Stars

I have the privilege of reviewing another story in the First Time Bareback Cowboys series, another ARC.

I’ve reviewed one other book in the series, which can be seen here, and was looking forward to reviewing this one.

I wasn’t disappointed. The story, as the title suggests, revolves around three young men. They are all from the same small town and have been friends forever. Each has been keeping a secret from the other. Each one is gay and has a crush on at least one of the other two.

The story is in Kyle’s point-of-view (POV) and follow his discoveries, We witness his anxieties and his excitement at coming back home to his farm.

The story’s character development is superbly threaded throughout. All three main characters must deal with homophobia and their fear of being outcast by family and the citizens of their small town. The situations are emotional and believable.

As for the sex scenes, they are erotic and nicely paced.

I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series.

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About Author

Odin Nightshade is on a mission—a mission to make you moan, groan and cry out for mercy. Join Odin and his crew of sexy characters on a journey of love, lust and intense exploration of your wild and sensual sides. Imagination knows no bounds, and nor should your fantasies…



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