Review of Luscious Justice by Odin Nightshade

My Review

4 stars

Firstly, this is an mpreg shifter novel. As a man, I find that I sometimes have a weird fascination with the idea of being pregnant and giving birth. Some people dislike this concept, saying it’s unrealistic. Coming from people who enjoy reading about werewolves, vampires, ghosts having sex with live persons,  and unrealistic happily-ever-afters, I find this stance a bit hypocritical, but I digress.

Odin’s world-building abilities are still well toned for this story and the author uses them well. Two characters find each other using a dating app for shifters. They are well matched for each other. Each one is driven and civic-minded. However,  they find themselves on opposite sides of a legal issue, mainly because one was brought up in a pack, and the other by humans. The human world is fiercely prejudiced against shifters. The author brings forward the angst caused to each character by this prejudice quite nicely. It affects them and their budding relationship in acute ways.

I won’t go into the actual storyline more than I already have, but  Iwill say, that although I found the outcome of the story predictable, the story itself and the morals intertwined in the telling were compelling enough to sustain me. The sex scenes were enjoyable too.

One little negative was the presence of a few grammatical errors, more so than in other works by Odin Nightshade, but they didn’t keep me from enjoying it.  Also, a little side-note, it’s only sold in paperback for the moment, as far as I can tell.  Bring on the ebook? Just a thought.

I’m looking forward to the next Odin Nightshade experience.


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