Review of Living Wild: The OmegaDate Diaries Book Two by Odin Nightshade

Living Wild: A Paranormal Mpreg Gay Romance (The Omega Date Diaries Book 2) by [Nightshade, Odin]


***Living Wild is a standalone novel; you don’t need to read any of the other books in the OmegaDate Diaries series to enjoy this one.***

Rocco Shore always knew that he’d grow up to be the Alpha of his pack some day—he just hadn’t expected that day to come so soon.

After a bout of ill health his father seems ready to pass the torch at any moment. Unfortunately, the timing couldn’t be any worse. Rocco has only just decided that he needs to part ways with his current boyfriend Skye, but he’s going to need a mate in order for the pack to accept him fully as Alpha—not to mention fend off evil rival Jarvis’s challenge to his status.

Worlds apart from pack life is city-shifter Kade Sinclair. With three rescue dogs, a busy job as a social worker and hours spent volunteering at the local animal shelter, he barely has time to think, let alone pursue a mate. Besides, no boyfriend has ever passed the three-dog litmus test.

When the lonely city boy and aspiring Alpha meet on OmegaDate, their connection is immediate and all-consuming. But Rocco can’t tell Kade exactly what he’s looking for without putting fatal pressure on their blossoming relationship—especially since Kade has made it clear that he would never dream of leaving his life in the city. And when sparks from Rocco’s past relationship ignite that powder-keg, there’s no way it won’t explode.

Can Rocco come clean about his intentions before it’s too late? Or is his relationship with Kade doomed before it’s even begun?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book contains hot and lusty male on male action involving frenzied bareback sex, shapeshifting wolves, knotting and a sweet and tender happily-ever-after. Not recommended for those that blush easily.

My Review


And so we have another instalment in the OmegaDate series. Similar to the previous one I reviewed, this story follows a similar story arc. Two main characters, an Alpha and an Omega, each with seemingly different if not opposite lifestyles, meet each other using the OmegaDate app. There is a confrontation, a seemingly insurmountable personal conflict and an omega pregnancy.

As with the previous one, the character development is well written and structured. In this story, each main character has at least one strong female influence, who actually help develop the plot.

I enjoyed the story. It was well planned, somewhat thought provoking and played with certain alpha/omega tropes, making it interesting for me. The omega in the story isn’t a pushover in the dynamic, which usually irks me a little. The Alpha compromises, even gives up certain things he’s taken for granted before the meeting.

The sex scenes were steamy, if a little predictable.

It was an enjoyable easy read that I would recommend whole-heartily to those who like the genre and appreciate straying from the trope a little.

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